It's been a whole month since I posted last! Oops.

I'm taking a cue from Kari over at Better Together and posting my goals for the month. These are in place solely because I have been exceedingly lazy the past few months and now it's catching up to me. :( The hubs is going to keep my accountable by purchasing me a pair of Vibram Five Fingers if I meet all of my goals. (And I really, really want some, so I think it just may work!) Most of these are school related, btw.

1) No missing class in October (1 freebie)

2) No missing clinic in October, unless it’s a week pre-planned (2 freebies)

3) Make 2/3 of your gym classes every week during October (1 freebie)

4) Finish watching chair massage video by the end of next week, and sign up for POD 40 hour

5) Kiss Tyler at least a dozen times a day during October

6) Run 2.5 miles (aka keep up with Couch to 5K) by the end of the month

What are your goals for the month??