An Uplifting Message

I have this book from Max Lucado called Everyday Blessings. I was reading today's entry (note that I only read the entry every once in a while, usually this book is very neglected), and I found it very comforting. It is based on Hebrews 2:1, which reads We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard. Lucado follows with the following:

"Stability in the storm comes not from seeking a new message but from understanding an old one. The most reliable anchor points are not recent discoveries, but are time-tested truths that have held their ground against the winds of change. Truths like:
My life is not futile. My failures are not fatal. My death is not final."

I think this is an awesome thing to think about. It is so comforting to remember that just because I'm a failure, doesn't mean that I'm condemned. In a society consumed with the pursuit of perfection, it's so calming to know that it doesn't matter, because you can never really achieve perfection. Who you are is OK with God, and it should be OK with you, too.



Well, here it is! My first post on my new blog. This blog will take numerous forms - I plan to discuss my life and everything that goes on in it (so, not much!), as well as my hobbies (cooking, baking, decorating my home, pets, reading), my school endeavors, the weather, blah blah blah.

For today, I'll just give a short introduction to my life, and some of the things in it.

Hello! I'm Katie, and I'm kind of a big deal. Not really, but gotta introduce myself somehow. I'm currently a senior in college, and I will graduate in August with a B.A. in Anthropology, and Art History is my minor. I've been married for nearly two years to this guy:
This is Tyler. We met in April of our 8th grade year, and started dating the following month. We've been together ever since! Tyler is graduating in May with his BBA in Decision Sciences. He's just accepted his first full-time job, and he will be training to be a worker's comp claims specialist for a major insurance company. I'm so in love with this guy, and he provides me with lots of laughter and unconditional love, which I couldn't be more thankful for.

We are both Texans, born and raised. We still live in the Lone Star State, and plan to continue that for a while longer. We live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, with our dog, Pongo.
Pongo is a beagle/shih tzu/pomeranian mix. The most loveable mutt in the universe.

That's the quick and dirty version of our life. We have a lot of changes coming our way, what with graduating, moving, and becoming real adults. I'll be starting a Masters program in Library Science in August, while I continue to work at my part-time library job, where I process new materials. I hope to have enough free time to read, cook, bake, and blog! And of course, there'll always be room in my schedule for my D&R ladies. ;-)