Job searching

As most adults know, looking for a job can be the hardest thing you ever have to do. I've been struggling with this for a few weeks now, and it gets very frustrating. I don't really know what sort of job I might like or be good at, so it's hard to even know what to apply for.

Last week I applied for a position in the college my degree was a part of at the university I just graduated from. It is a temporary, one year position as an academic advisor. I really think I would enjoy this job, because I have always liked helping people get their schedules worked out, figuring out their degree requirements, etc. It also pays a really good salary, which is nice, but not terribly important to my decision making.

About 20 minutes ago I got a call from someone in that office. First, he wanted to know if I was still interested even though it was only a temporary situation, and of course I said yes. Then he asked to schedule an interview for Monday, which I gladly accepted. So, I'm going to interview at 12:30 on Monday! I'm so excited, but really nervous at the same time. I've never had a full-time job before, and I don't have much experience with interviewing at all, either. I think I will do well, though. I'm definitely going to make Tyler practice interview questions with me this weekend, so hopefully I'll be a little better prepared than I am right now.

All in all, I'm really excited about this position. I'm going to have to try really hard not to get my hopes up too high, because I don't want to be too depressed if it doesn't work out in my favor. Wish me luck, and feel free to leave any interview tips as a comment! :-)


I've been tagged again!

This time, by This Is We. Now, I don't know who This Is We is, so please reveal yourself! LOL. Anyway, I'm supposed to write 8 things about myself, and tag 8 people, so here it goes!

1) When I was little, I was obsessed with dinosaurs. I wanted to be a paleontologist for the longest time. I still love all things dinosaur!

2) One of my biggest life goals is to be a stay at home mom. I can't wait to have kids and stay home to take care of them.

3) I wish we could skip summer altogether. I love spring and fall, and I can tolerate winter (super-cute clothes, anyone?), but summer is too hot, and I don't really enjoy many summer activities (barbeques, going to the lake, etc). The only good thing about summer is that it's the season by birthday is in.

4) I got married when I was 19 to my middle-school sweetheart. We have been married a little over two years and have been together over 8! :-) I truly believe that God puts certain people in our lives and helps our relationships to blossom on His own time.

5) I love to read. I have always had a love of books and reading, and I almost went to school for library science. I currently have two books I'm waiting to start after I finish re-reading Jane Eyre.

6) My mom is one of my very best friends. We've always had an awesome relationship, and that hasn't changed, despite the fact that we live 300 miles apart. I wish we lived closer, but we still talk on the phone all the time and email each other frequently.

7) I love my in-laws. Not just my mother and father-in-law, but Tyler's brother, sister-in-law, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. And cousins. We all get along really well, and I love having a close, involved family. That's not something I really had much of growing up, and it's nice to know that they approve of me and love me like their own.

8) I can't wait for Thursday night TV to come back! Only a few more agonizing weeks until we're enjoying new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, The Office, etc. I'm also excited for Private Practice (not on Thursdays) and Scrubs (starting later in the season). Eeee! :-D

OK, there's eight things about yours truly. Now I've gotta tag some people:
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It's been ages since I last updated, and for that I apologize. The biggest reason I haven't updated is because there is nothing to update about. I did graduate, and that was awesome. I was working at my part time job on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this week was my last, and now I have nothing to do.

I have vented a lot on the Nest, to my mom, and to Tyler about certain family members who think I will be wasting my four-year degree as well as my intellect and talents if I do not find a real career. Now mind you, if I knew what I wanted to do, I wouldn't be bothered by this so much. However, my degree (anthropology) does not lend itself well to any careers besides academic ones (research or teaching, and both of those only with advanced degrees). And my mom and Tyler both know that I just want to be a SAHM once I have a baby, but if I were to tell my other family members that, they might have tandem hissy fits. Lame-o. Anyway, I've applied for a few jobs (2 full-time career-type positions, and a job at Starbucks!), but I've not heard anything back about those yet. I'm kind of hoping to hear back from the most recent application, which was an Academic Advisor position in the college at the University I just graduated from. I'd love to be able to help other students with their degree plans, scheduling, etc. :-)

Other than that, we've been kind of busy all summer traveling to see family. I went on vacation to Colorado to visit my aunt (one of those certain relatives, btw), which was pretty relaxing over all. Over Labor Day weekend we went to visit some of Tyler's family (OK, his entire family on his mom's side), which was awesome. That trip did not help the baby fever, however, because both our 3 month old niece and our 8 month old second cousin were there. We also found out the only other cousin not to have kids is pregnant, so I had a mini-twinge of jealousy about that, which is kind of lame. We're planning on trying in January, so I just keep telling myself "it won't be long!".

Because of said baby fever, I've been spending a lot of time on the BOTB board on the Nest. Now, lots of people find them to be offensive, but I appreciate their bluntness, and have learned a lot from them. They get a little testy about being asked the same questions over and over again, especially when a little Google can go a long way. Anyway, I've also been looking at Babies R Us's website a lot. I found the perfect quilt for the phantom baby's nursery theme (gender neutral dinosaurs), so I had to buy it. Yesterday at the Dollar Tree, I also found some cute plush dinosaurs, and at a dollar a piece, I couldn't pass them up. Here's a pic of everything together:

That's about all the updating I have for now. Stay tuned!