To Do List

I have a lot of things to get done before we leave town tomorrow, so I thought I'd make a to-do list here to keep myself accountable. Please wish me luck!

-go to bank
-vacuum & mop
-clean bathroom
-wrap 1 gift
-clean kitchen
-finish laundry
-pack for our trip
-dinner with friends
-pack car

Possible additions:
-set up itunes/ipod
-make candy
-purchase gift card to Petsmart


Major vent coming your way

OK, so some of my readers know that I was supposed to be in graduate school this semester, working toward getting my degree in Library Science. And that I decided that was not the path I wanted to take, and that then I was looking for a job. A few posts ago I told y'all that I am in fact becoming a stay at home wife, and that I'm really happy about it. I know God has called me to be a stay at home mom, and in the meantime, having a job would just cause me a lot of stress, which is bad for everyone.

Well, since I decided not to go to graduate school and I still haven't found a job (since I'm not LOOKING anymore!), a few of my extended family members are upset with me. They don't yell, or say that they're disappointed, or anything obvious like that. But every time I talk to either of them (my grandma and my aunt, by the way), they ask me how looking for a "career" is going, if I've had any more interviews, if I've thought about volunteering. When I say "I'm planning to start volunteering through my church soon", they always come back with "oh, I meant at the museums!". You see, before the library science degree plan, I was going to go to graduate school for museum science. That's right, it's been almost a year since I decided not to do that. But they still think that's what will make me happy. I explain to them that I don't have enough experience to volunteer at the museums (not mentioning the fact that they are all farther than I'm willing to drive to VOLUNTEER and that I'm not interested anyway), and leave it at that.

You may be wondering to yourself "why not just tell them what your plans are?". That's an excellent question. I am shielding myself from the explosive anger that is sure to follow when I explain that "I'm planning to be a stay at home mom, and I'm trying to have a baby!!". That's right, people, they would be disappointed if I told them I wanted to be a mom already, and appalled that I'm wasting all of my talents and intellect staying at home. It is so frustrating knowing that no matter what I do, I can't really please them unless I have a real "career". And I don't know why I care so much what they think, besides the fact that family is very important to me, and therefore, their opinions of me leave a mark. It SUCKS. I hope no one else has to go through this with their family members, but I'm sure they do. :-(

I'm not sure how much longer I can stand to go around and around with these people, trying to make them happy while ultimately doing what's right for me and my family. I think after the new year, I am going to write each of them a letter explaining my plans and how I feel, and asking them not to make any comments to me about the situation unless they are positive and supportive. I don't need this toxicity in my life, and I don't want to blow a gasket over the phone or in person with them, so I think a letter is the safest way to go.

I know they're going to be pissed, and they'll be even more pissed when I announce that I'm knocked up. But, I'm going to try and not care what they think. I'm going to do what makes me and my husband happiest, and what I know God wants me to do. And anyone who gets upset about that can suck it!

/vent. I feel a little better now.


New look

I've given the blog a facelift! I hope you like it. :-)

Last night after I blogged, I gathered up some Real Simple magazines, my current (/only) knitting project, and my cell and headed to bed. Since I wasn't really sleepy yet, I took up residence in the armchair in our room and knitted for about half an hour, before climbing into bed and reading half a chapter out of Guns, Germs, and Steel. It is a really interesting book so far, especially if you're interested in world history and/or anthropology like myself.

As for the scarf, I believe I started it sometime last winter, and then it got put away for a LONG time. I recently pulled it out again, and I've been working on it a bit ever since. I still have about half of the length left to knit, and then I have to learn to cast off, finish the scarf, and add a fringe. Hopefully my lovely, knitting Nestie friends can give me some tips on that process.

Last night we also made Martha Washington candy. My mom used to make this every Christmas when we were younger, and she hasn't made it in a few years, so I've been reminiscing about it. I decided to make some for the Christmas party we're going to this evening, and it turned out really well! I ended up only making half a batch, because that was all that could fit in my stand mixer bowl (and even that was a tight fit). Here's the recipe and a picture of the finished product:

Martha Washington Candy
2 cans sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand preferred)
3 cups pecan pieces
2 cans flaked coconut (or 1 bag, 14 oz.)
4 boxes powdered sugar
1/2 lb. butter
16 oz. chocolate chips
2 bars paraffin wax

Melt butter, add milk, blend well. Add nuts and coconut. Add powdered sugar (1 box at a time), mixing well after each box. Shape into small balls (as if you were making truffles), place on baking sheets covered in wax paper and freeze for 30 minutes. Melt chocolate chips and wax over a double boiler or in the microwave (for 30 second intervals, stirring in between). This will work best if you cut the paraffin bars into smaller pieces before melting. Use toothpicks to dip the candy balls, drain the excess, and place on wax paper. Store finished candies in the refrigerator.


Bad at blogging

So, if you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably noticed that I'm horrible at updating it. I'm going to try and be better. So, I'm going to start a challenge! More to come on that in a future post.

So, since my last blog entries, a lot has happened. Too much to even try and recap. We're now on our 3rd cycle of actively TTC, and I'm really excited about that. We're so glad we didn't wait until January.

I'm still jobless, and I think I'm going to plan on staying this way for a while. The job market is terrible right now, and it's not necessary for me to work for our household to stay comfortably afloat. And Tyler is worried that I'll get too stressed out from working full time {and I know he's totally right}. So, I'm currently a stay at home wife. :-)

Other than that, not much has changed, other than Tyler's commute - it is now about half the length it was due to his office changing locations. We are counting this as a major blessing, since it saves him a lot of stress and saves us a lot of gas money. Even though Tyler's car gets excellent mileage (usually 40mpg each tank), he was going through a tank a week, and that really adds up!

Now, readers, what would you like me to blog about? I'm up for anything - ask me a question, ask for a recipe, challenge me to do something. I'll blog about it! Watch for another post tomorrow (That's December 16, by the way. I'm posting this really late!)