Exciting news!

OK, I don't know if anyone besides Bio reads this blog anymore, so it may be more of a journal than a blog, but whatever. I have good news!

I got a job!! In less than 24 hours, I submitted applications, got called in for and attended an interview, and subsequently received a job offer! I will be working as a chiropractic assistant about 30 minutes away from home. It is a part-time position with the prospect of going full-time (possibly by this summer!), and I will be working with the chiropractor to oversee electrical stimulation, spinal decompression, ultrasound, and therapy exercises, as well as doing trigger point massages. I will also learn to develop x-rays and be doing some clerical work here and there as well.

The office is super close-knit, and everyone I've met so far seem very friendly. The doctor brings his dog to work with him every day, and she even carries the patient files into his office for him, without leaving toothmarks or slobber all over them. How cute is that?! There are also 2 large saltwater aquariums in the office (1 90 gallon, 1 210 gallon), which is pretty cool. I will be working Monday-Thursday 2:45PM-6:45PM (meaning I don't have to get up early, and I'll miss rush hour traffic), and every other Friday from 7:45AM-11:00AM. One of the best parts is that I won't have to drive down I-35 to get there, which means I'll avoid the ridiculous traffic jams and the majority of the stupid commute-drivers, saving my sanity. :)

I start on Monday morning, and I'll be working a few full days in order to get trained, and then start with my regular schedule probably the next week. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have found a job in my field (or at least on the edge of my field, lol). I have to give God all the glory for engineering this impressive feat. He is SO good.


Job search

So, obviously I am in the process of looking for a new job. This is a tough economy, as we all know, and that combined with the fact that it is just after the holidays means that the available jobs right now are not looking too hot. Sure, there's plenty of work-from-home "opportunities", several jobs for medical professionals, and even a few office assistant jobs out there, but nothing that I look at and say "hmm, I wouldn't be completely miserable doing that!". Until today, that is!

I decided to give job hunting on Craigslist a go. And I found 4 chiropractic assistant job listings, to which I immediately applied. I'm thrilled about this for a few reasons - the jobs I've applied for are not terribly far from here (and the further-away ones I applied to can be traveled to using the less-trafficky roads), chiropractic is closely related to massage therapy and I might actually be able to use some of my skills, and it would be a step in the right direction career and personal wise (hello, gainful employment!).

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any prayers, good karma, vibes, and crossed fingers you can throw my way. Hopefully I will at least hear back from one of the places and land an interview. :)


running update

Today I completed my longest running workout ever! DH and I did 3 1-mile intervals with 1/2 mile walk breaks in between miles. The longest running workout I've done before was completing a 5k last February, where I walked at least half of the course. I'm really excited!

In other running news, I also can't wait for our first Team in Training (henceforth TNT) training run - we're meeting at a local running store (part of a national chain - Luke's Locker), where we will have a shoe clinic/fitting and get 15% off any purchases. I'm ready to have my first pair of professionally-fitted running shoes!

I was going to post one other thing, but now I can't remember what it was. If I think of it, I'll update. ;)


Well, I guess that can be my motivation...

for running, that is. DH and I decided tonight to join the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. We will be running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Seattle in June! We have a hefty fundraising goal to meet, but hopefully with the support of our friends and families we'll make it! The weekly team training runs should be a great way to stay motivated and make some good friends at the same time, as well. Tyler and I just got back from our first run together, and it's amazing what some companionship during your workout can do! :) Stay tuned for more updates!



Well, so far 2010 hasn't been much to write about. I haven't really worked on any of my goals, aside from registering for the MBLEX. I have been trying to do better about our family not eating out as much, and that has been pretty successful. I still need to start exercising again, and I'm going to do that tonight. When DH gets home, we're going running! I've got to start training for the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon, and I'm already way behind. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it, at the very least. :)

I have read 1 out of 50 books for 2010! I checked out Notes from the Underbelly on Sunday afternoon, and finished it in the wee hours of Monday morning (about 8 hours start to finish, lol). It was pretty cute, and had me laughing out loud several times. Now I'm reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, and I'm really liking it so far. I've also been reading several Fan Fiction stories based off the Twilight series (however loosely they may be based, lol) - but those don't get to go on my book count.

Other than those things, I've been in a major funk since we got back from Las Vegas. There are very few jobs available in our immediate area right now, so money is stressing me out, along with the feeling that I'll never do anything productive with my life. It's been a dark few days, especially recently, in regards to my self-esteem and whatnot, but I'm praying through it, and hopefully things will start to brighten up soon.

That's it for now, I'm going to get back to reading, and maybe see if there are any new job postings in the area. :)


2010 Plans

I haven't thought in depth about what I want from 2010, but here's what I've thought up so far!

-find a part time job (probably retail)
-take MBLEx and apply for massage license
-reinforce good eating habits
-start working out with regularity again
-train for 1/2 marathon (scheduled for 3.14)
-rescue a dog (maybe a greyhound?)
-TTC and get pregnant
-knit a pair of socks
-work on landscaping the yards
-learn to drive a stick
-read 50 books
-blog more!

Stay tuned for some more thoughts on 2010.

2009 in short

-had (and hated) a temp job
-stopped TTC
-started massage therapy school
-bought a house
-traveled to Colorado and Santa Fe
-began TTC again
-built a fence
-graduated from massage therapy school
-made first trip to Las Vegas

It's been a slow year, sort of. Maybe 2010 will be more exciting?