We've set the date!

We recently decided to make a date to drop our adoption application in the mail and submit it via email.  We decided on January 2, which makes it a perfect way to start the New Year!  We're super excited to be moving forward in our adoption journey.  I've been feeling pretty stagnant about things for a few months, but now we're starting to get the house ready, and now that we have this date on the calendar I really feel like we're making progress, and I'm stoked!

Setting this date has made me wonder - when would you consider yourself (or someone you know who is adopting) to be "paper pregnant"?  When they have submitted an application and been accepted by their agency?  When they have a completed home study and are waiting to be chosen by a birth family?  When they are officially matched with a birth mother?  Something else??  I'd love to hear from you - drop me a comment to let me know what you think. :)