I've been neglecting the blog (and Project 365) again! It's been about 2 weeks since I posted, and I've taken very few pictures in that timeframe. Sorry, guys! I think I'll start afresh tomorrow, since it will be the first of a new month. Stay tuned!



Sorry I've been neglecting the blog a bit! I have 2 weeks worth of pics to post. I'd better get crackin'...

Sept. 2 - some awesome storm clouds rolled in!

Sept. 3 - we flew to Roswell, NM. This is the sign outside the airport.

Sept. 4 - we celebrated Grandma Mahaffey's 80th birthday

Sept. 5 - we spent some time in the park taking family pictures

Sept. 6 - Tyler and I hung new shelves in the living room

Sept. 7 - missed

Sept. 8 - sunset through the house they're building behind ours

Sept. 9 - missed

Sept. 10 - missed (my mom was in town for all of the 'missed' dates)

Sept. 11 - Former UNT footballer Johnny Quinn, with Honest John and a painting by Honest John

Sept. 12 - flowers!

Sept. 13 - Lucy wears my running shirt.

Sept. 14 - Massage Envy's Massage for the Cure (and a picture of my new haircut, I'll get a better picture soon though!)

Sept. 15 - me and the puppehs


New Rules

Yesterday Tyler and I started a new workout program - the New Rules of Lifting for Women. (Yes, we are aware that Tyler is not a woman. But this training plan reminds us that there is no reason for women to lift differently from men, so it works for both of us.) I decided my Project365 picture of the day should be my 'before' shots. So you get to see me in all my semi-fit glory. Please note my terrible posture and gradient tan. Hopefully in 6-8 months you will see my fabulously fit self in the 'after' pictures, with better posture and some abs! Stay tuned!

A pictureful post!

I know that I'm way behind, but I think I'm only missing a picture for one day! Here's a mega-post of pictures, ending with Monday's picture. Yesterday's gets it's own post, for a reason to be revealed in that post. ;)

(8/24) - I got off work 2 hours early for my 'weekend', and the temp was finally below 100*!

(8/25) Enjoying my day off, after a massage and lunch with Tyler. A HOT cinnamon chai and Little Women on my Nook.

(8/26) A very flattering shot of me after Thursday night training. shoveling soybeans into my mouth.

(8/27) We really know how to party: in bed at 9:45 on Friday night.

(8/28) Ahh, Saturday morning training. :)

(8/30) So much for our workout, this means a double on Tuesday!