Updated Nest bio!

Please check out my newly updated GooglePages bio for pictures of the new apartment. I can't make a longer post because summer school is swallowing me whole right now. I'll be done on August 8, so don't expect much posting before then!

So, visit the link below for my updated bio!

**Thanks to Mrs_mam for letting me know to fix the link. Hopefully it'll work better now!**


Mrs_Mam said...

Your apartment is really cute and I love the stained glass photos from your wedding. You might want to edit your blog address, remove the www because the link doesn't work with it :)

Crystal said...

bio looks good! good luck finishing up with summer school

etxwife said...

Your house looks very nice! I love your couch. :)

Jen M said...

Looks great, so cosy and welcoming.

mrs.leah.maria said...

You have one of the best decorated apartment that I know, plus the space is really unique! I love it!