I'm so behind here, folks. I apologize!! Things have been a bit crazy lately.

1) I'm in massage therapy school. I've been in for 2 weeks, and I'm loving every minute of it.
2) We're not trying for a baby anymore since I'm in school until December. We'll see how things go after I find a job and work for a while.
3) We're house hunting. Today was our first day out looking, and we put in a bid on an awesome foreclosure that we could stay in for a very long time. We should know by Tuesday if we won! Please be thinking about us on that front.

Other than that, not much has been going on. We've been busy with school, talking about buying a house, and church stuff. I also helped my grandmother move into an apartment, and in the process, I acquired an awesome handmade china service for 12 from the 1960s - hand-painted in Japan and beautiful. I also got quite a few other things out of her move.

We're also planning on visiting my aunt and uncle in Colorado over Labor Day weekend, which should be nice and relaxing (and hopefully a break from the potential house renovating we'll be doing!!), but potentially also frustrating, because my aunt and uncle can be a bit pushy and opinionated.

Also found out my mom is moving to Las Vegas. She took a new job and will be moving around the first of July. I will miss having her within driving distance, but I'm definitely looking forward to visiting her in Vegas, plus she'll be more conveniently located to my sister who is moving to L.A. for school in July.

My step-father has had some health complications that have left him unable to stay alone (lots of memory problems, which cause him to wander off and not remember that he is on severe fluid restrictions), which is adding lots of additional stress on my mom in the middle of getting their house on the market and sold, training for her new job, packing up their house and my sister's stuff to move, and buying a new house in the new city. Please keep her and my step-dad in your prayers.

I just realized I have no idea if anyone even reads this anymore, but if so, please leave a comment and let me know! :-)


Mrs. Pink said...

Sounds like a lot's going on! GL in school!

magdalina said...

Good luck with everything! I can't wait to hear if you got the house.

aLLie said...

I read it <3

GL with everything!!