Tink Back Tuesday

Welcome to the first-ever (and hopefully not last-ever) edition of Tink Back Tuesday. Tuesday is the perfect day for me to update you on my little corner of the knitting world, since it falls right after my Stitch n Bitch that happens Monday nights - I get a good portion of my week's knitting done on Monday, so you'll get the most updated pictures and progress reports for all of my projects. I also tend to do quite a bit of tinking on Monday nights, because I'm too distracted by crazy conversations about the special cupcakes of the day at our local coffee shop where the SnB takes place - hence the name of this feature.

I hope you enjoy Tink Back Tuesdays - please feel free to join in! I'd love for this (and my other upcoming features) to be a way for bloggers to connect with one another. You can borrow my banner and link it back to my blog, and leave a comment with your web address so I can compile a list of who participates to be shared each week.

Without further ado, here is what I've got on the needles at the moment.

Sprucey Lucy Socks by Wendy D. Johnson, in Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed (discontinued), colorway Timber:

I've had the socks on the needles for a few weeks, but I haven't been working on them very much, as you can tell. I was originally making them for my aunt as a thank-you/hostess gift, since she's letting us (us = Tyler, biomaj5, and myself) stay at her cabin when we go to Colorado in June for the Estes Park Wool Market. Because I've made lots of mistakes, and I like the yarn so much, I'm keeping the socks for myself.

Ripened Scarf by Danielle Chalson, in Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, colorway Azalea:

According to my Ravelry account, I started this scarf December 16, 2009. I think the last time I worked on it before last night was sometime around New Year's Day 2010. Yikes! Anyway, I have resurrected this WIP to stand in as my hostess gift for the aforementioned situation. I noticed when I took the picture that I have some frogging to do, because I was distracted by my chocolate peanut butter cupcake last night and didn't take care to follow my chart all that closely. Oops.

Geodesic Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio, in Tempted Hand Painted Lacy Grrl, custom colorway:

Last but certainly not least is my very first cardigan. This was started as a challenge/knit-along with my pal biomaj5. I began on June 2, 2010, and this is all that I have to show for it. I'd really like to finish this in time for our trip in June, but I'm just not sure if I'll make it! Maybe blogging about it weekly will help keep me accountable?? (Stop laughing. It was worth a shot!)

This weekend is the DFW Fiber Fest, and it will be my 3rd year in attendance. Biomaj5 and her friend Liz will also be accompanying me, and we're looking forward to it! I'm planning to purchase my first drop spindle and roving, as well as a shawl pin. Hopefully I won't break the bank, but if I do, at least I'll have something to keep me entertained afterward.

PS: I need to learn to take better photos of my knitting. Any suggestions on where/how to start??

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