Updates galore!

It is shameful that it’s been nearly 6 months since I’ve updated our blog.  There has been a lot going on, so I’ll try to hit the highlights!

1.  I finally graduated with my Master’s degree in Library Science on May 10.  I also started a job as a library services representative at a public library about 40 minutes from our house.  I’ve been at my job 5 months as of today, and I enjoy it, for the most part.  The commute eats up a lot of time I could be spending doing other things, but it’s just for the short term, as I’m planning to stay at home with our child once we adopt.

2.  We celebrated our 7th anniversary in May!  We went to Salt Lake City for a vacation, and we loved it there.  Ate lots of good food, saw amazing scenery, and visited a really cool library.

3.  We attended our adoption seminar at the agency in July.  There were 3 other couples in attendance.  We also found out that it was the main infant adoption social worker’s last day with the agency, so we would be working with someone totally new (to us, not to adoption or the agency even) on our homestudy, placement, etc.

4.  Sadly, Tyler’s father lost his nearly 4 year battle with prostate cancer at the beginning of August.  We were lucky to be there when he passed and had a week and a few days to spend with family before returning to our lives.  We miss him very much!

5.  We had our 3 home study interviews (2 individual and 1 couple) plus our home visit in August.

6.  We have done more work on the nursery!  We finally finished sanding my childhood dresser and are in the process of repainting it and replacing the hardware.  We have also purchased the paint for the walls, as well as an amazing upholstered glider, which was a gift from my mom!  I’ll post pictures once we are a little further along with that project.

7.  Tuesday we received word from our social worker that we are officially home study approved and in the pool of waiting families at our agency!  That means we could become parents tomorrow, in 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years.  At this point we have no control over how fast that happens, as the prospective birth mother (and father, if he’s in the picture) choose which families they want to meet and then who they want to match with.  We pray every day for any mother who is considering adoption for her child, and are very excited to meet the one that God has chosen for us!

So, that is what has been happening the past 5 months or so.  I’m hoping to start posting weekly as we wait for our child to find us and come home, chronicling our “paper pregnancy” - as many pregnant bloggers have done before me.  Who knows if I’ll get the 36+ weeks that most expectant parents do, but I’ll do my best to share our wait with the 3 or so people who read our blog. ;-)

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Amanda said...

I read! I'm one of the three.

I'm so sorry for your loss. My husband and I both lost parents to cancer in 2012.

Looking forward to nursery pics and adoption news :)