I've been tagged!!

By mrs.leah.maria! So, here are 9 random thoughts from me. :-)

1) I am a very impatient person. Once something is on the horizon of my life, it can't get here soon enough. Some examples currently: I can't wait for my trip this weekend (our 2nd anniversary trip!), I can't wait to be moved into our new apartment, I can't wait for the summer semester to begin and end, I can't wait to be done with graduate school (and I don't even start until the fall), and I can't wait to travel, buy a house, and have kids. OMG.

2) My aunt writes children's book. Her first one was inspired by my birth, of all things. She writes mostly spiritual books, but the kind of spiritual book that works for any faith or denomination. She's also written one book about the annual migration of Canadian geese to Texas. It has super-cute illustrations, and is one of my favorite books by her.

3) I am an aspiring librarian. This seems a strange thing to aspire to, in a way. I have worked in a library for about 3 years total, and while it gets boring at times, I still love it. I'm currently enrolled in the three introductory library science courses, which I'm using to fulfill my electives for my undergraduate degree. My classes start on June 2, and go through August 8. I will graduate August 9, either cum laude or magna cum laude, depending on my grades this summer. Then I will start my master's degree in library science. My concentration will be youth librarianship. I have always loved reading, books, and libraries, and they have been a huge impact on my life. I'd love to have that kind of impact on kids.

4) I have been neglecting this blog, and it' doesn't deserve it! To make up for it, here are some pictures of my recent DIY attempts! I finally spray painted my EW tiles, and they will eventually be hung in our new apartment, either over our bed or above our dresser, depending on where they look best. I also painted this microwave cart from Ikea, with help from Tyler. It will be the perfect addition to our kitchen in the new apartment!

5) I am in love with dessert. Seriously. Tonight I had a chocolate pastry at Panera Bread Co., but it did not live up to my desires. I'm seriously thinking about baking up some brownies right now, because that was my original idea tonight. DH doesn't want them around the house, because we're both trying to diet, but I think that's lame. I may just invite some of my ladyfriends over to help me eat them! I got a great recipe from abby that I might try out. I also found one on allrecipes.com that sounds great!

6) Tyler and I are on a mission to lose some weight and get healthy. He's been on a "Fat Boy Challenge" with a few of his friends for the past two and a half months, and has lost nearly 20 pounds! I'm really proud of him. I've been on my "Sexy Wifey Challenge" for about 19 days, and have only managed to lose 3 pounds. I am jealous of how much easier it is for men to lose weight than it is for women. I'm hoping once we get moved and settled in, we will create a better schedule for ourselves, including meals and exercise. I think living on the third floor as opposed to the first will help, too! For now, we're just trying to eat breakfast more regularly and have fewer snacks and more veggies. Any encouragement or tips would be greatly appreciated! (I'm very inspired by mrs.leah.maria and her running, but I'm not sure running is for me. Tips?)

7) I am slightly embarrased by our video collection. We have maybe 20 DVDs (or sets), total. Most of these are various TV series such as Gilmore Girls (my FAVORITE!), Smallville, and The Office. We have a few movies, several of which we've never watched. My friend Ashley makes loads of fun at our expense because of this. But she also has around 200 movies and shows on DVD or VHS. Any suggestions to help beef up our collection? We're better at renting.

8) Our weekend is going to be fabulous. We are staying at a B&B about four hours from here, in a historic town. The town has lots of German heritage, shopping, and sites to see nearby. We have only been on one other vacation by ourselves in the 8 years we've been together (our honeymoon!), so I'm excited to see what it's like. We don't have any real plans except for where we're staying, and that we want to eat some German food and drink some beer. We're just going to see where the weekend takes us! The only sad part is having to leave our pooch behind. Here's a picture of the room we're staying in. We believe we have found the only B&B in the whole town that is not plastered with flowers on every surface, and we're pretty darn excited about that.

9) Looking back 10 years ago, I could have never imagined what life had in store. Of course, what 12 year old imagines that they will be married at 19, much less for 2 years? I am so happy that I found the husband God intended for me so early in life. I know that He has great things in store for us.

And now, I would like to tag leslie and McCoffee.


dancerdiva25 said...

You've inspired me to bake some of grandmas brownies this weekend! I can't wait! Hope you like them!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I absolutely love what you did to the microwave cart!

What your Aunt does is so cool!

Congrats on your 1 year trip! Enjoy!

mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm sorry, I'm an idiot. I did not mean to short you one year of marriage!