New furniture!

Since we're moving into a new apartment soon, we've decided to replace a lot of our furniture. We are getting a new sofa and chair set from Ikea:
We're getting the sofa, chair, and two storage ottomans. We'll also be getting new bedroom furniture and a new mattress. The bed will be from JCPenney, and the wood furniture is from Ikea.

I'm pretty excited about all the changes that are coming up! They've already started, really. The end of the semester from hell (as I like to call it) has come and gone, thank goodness. My last projects turned out better than expected, and I ended the semester with 3 As and a B, which is excellent considering how stressful this semester was.

Tyler just graduated with his bachelor's degree on Saturday, which was super-exciting. My mom and his parents were in town for it, and it was nice to get to hang out with them. We ate lots of good food, talked a lot, and played the Wii a lot. :-)

We begin moving on June 6th. We will be VERY busy that day, because we have to rent the UHaul, load up the big furniture at our current apartment, go buy our mattress at Mattress Firm, drive 20ish minutes to Ikea and get all of that stuff, stop by JCPenney to pick up our bed, and then drive to our new apartment and unload everything to the second floor. All this has to happen in the 6 hours we have the UHaul for. EEek! If anyone has any tips to make this go smoothly, I'd love it if you would enlighten me.

OK, that's it for today. I'll be updating again shortly!

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