It's been ages since I last updated, and for that I apologize. The biggest reason I haven't updated is because there is nothing to update about. I did graduate, and that was awesome. I was working at my part time job on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this week was my last, and now I have nothing to do.

I have vented a lot on the Nest, to my mom, and to Tyler about certain family members who think I will be wasting my four-year degree as well as my intellect and talents if I do not find a real career. Now mind you, if I knew what I wanted to do, I wouldn't be bothered by this so much. However, my degree (anthropology) does not lend itself well to any careers besides academic ones (research or teaching, and both of those only with advanced degrees). And my mom and Tyler both know that I just want to be a SAHM once I have a baby, but if I were to tell my other family members that, they might have tandem hissy fits. Lame-o. Anyway, I've applied for a few jobs (2 full-time career-type positions, and a job at Starbucks!), but I've not heard anything back about those yet. I'm kind of hoping to hear back from the most recent application, which was an Academic Advisor position in the college at the University I just graduated from. I'd love to be able to help other students with their degree plans, scheduling, etc. :-)

Other than that, we've been kind of busy all summer traveling to see family. I went on vacation to Colorado to visit my aunt (one of those certain relatives, btw), which was pretty relaxing over all. Over Labor Day weekend we went to visit some of Tyler's family (OK, his entire family on his mom's side), which was awesome. That trip did not help the baby fever, however, because both our 3 month old niece and our 8 month old second cousin were there. We also found out the only other cousin not to have kids is pregnant, so I had a mini-twinge of jealousy about that, which is kind of lame. We're planning on trying in January, so I just keep telling myself "it won't be long!".

Because of said baby fever, I've been spending a lot of time on the BOTB board on the Nest. Now, lots of people find them to be offensive, but I appreciate their bluntness, and have learned a lot from them. They get a little testy about being asked the same questions over and over again, especially when a little Google can go a long way. Anyway, I've also been looking at Babies R Us's website a lot. I found the perfect quilt for the phantom baby's nursery theme (gender neutral dinosaurs), so I had to buy it. Yesterday at the Dollar Tree, I also found some cute plush dinosaurs, and at a dollar a piece, I couldn't pass them up. Here's a pic of everything together:

That's about all the updating I have for now. Stay tuned!


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I majored in anth as well! Nope, I'm not "using" my degree in the traditional sense, but it inspired a love of other cultures, travel and human interest. And I had an amazing four years learning about things I was passionate about. You can't beat that. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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