New look

I've given the blog a facelift! I hope you like it. :-)

Last night after I blogged, I gathered up some Real Simple magazines, my current (/only) knitting project, and my cell and headed to bed. Since I wasn't really sleepy yet, I took up residence in the armchair in our room and knitted for about half an hour, before climbing into bed and reading half a chapter out of Guns, Germs, and Steel. It is a really interesting book so far, especially if you're interested in world history and/or anthropology like myself.

As for the scarf, I believe I started it sometime last winter, and then it got put away for a LONG time. I recently pulled it out again, and I've been working on it a bit ever since. I still have about half of the length left to knit, and then I have to learn to cast off, finish the scarf, and add a fringe. Hopefully my lovely, knitting Nestie friends can give me some tips on that process.

Last night we also made Martha Washington candy. My mom used to make this every Christmas when we were younger, and she hasn't made it in a few years, so I've been reminiscing about it. I decided to make some for the Christmas party we're going to this evening, and it turned out really well! I ended up only making half a batch, because that was all that could fit in my stand mixer bowl (and even that was a tight fit). Here's the recipe and a picture of the finished product:

Martha Washington Candy
2 cans sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand preferred)
3 cups pecan pieces
2 cans flaked coconut (or 1 bag, 14 oz.)
4 boxes powdered sugar
1/2 lb. butter
16 oz. chocolate chips
2 bars paraffin wax

Melt butter, add milk, blend well. Add nuts and coconut. Add powdered sugar (1 box at a time), mixing well after each box. Shape into small balls (as if you were making truffles), place on baking sheets covered in wax paper and freeze for 30 minutes. Melt chocolate chips and wax over a double boiler or in the microwave (for 30 second intervals, stirring in between). This will work best if you cut the paraffin bars into smaller pieces before melting. Use toothpicks to dip the candy balls, drain the excess, and place on wax paper. Store finished candies in the refrigerator.

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biomaj5 said...

Cast off:

Knit first stitch (A), knit second stitch (B). (on right needle) Pull A over B, and slip it off of the right needle. You will have 1 stitch now on your right needle. Knit another stitch (C), and then pull B over C. I'll make video too if needed :)