Not a whole lot has been going on since my last post. Tyler is in Georgia through Friday for some training thing with work. He left on Tuesday. On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment and then Pongo and I drove 5.5 hours to visit my mom. We've been here since then. I plan on leaving tomorrow around noon to return home, but I'm dreading the drive. I don't have cruise control, so my right hip and leg really get a workout keeping a constant speed. Not to mention the fact that I really hope all the ice has melted by the time I get on the road. Be praying for me if you think about it!

In other news, I chopped off all of my hair this weekend. It wasn't terribly long to begin with, as many of you know, but now it's even shorter. I'd say it's a pixie cut, approximately. I promise to post a picture once I get back to my digital camera, because all of the webcam pics I've taken look kinda weird.

Also, I was sick for almost a week straight this past week. The peak of it was last Monday and Tuesday, and I am pretty much recovered now. Unfortunately, I had 4 days of waking temperatures within fever range, so my chart is kind of messed up. I think I probably ovulated on CD15 or CD16, but I can't be positive. Now it's just a waiting game!

I have also learned about a few money-making opportunities in the last week. One involves helping my grandmother to sell her Hummel collection and other odds and ends from around her home as she prepares to move into a senior/retired apartment complex. I will get 30% of the sales revenue, which is not too bad. Also, my uncle's company is looking for people to make and transcribe recruitment calls. I would get paid $22 for each call I complete, transcribe, and submit to the company (each of which takes about an hour - 1.5 hours). I could do as much or as little as I want, and all the work is from home. Hopefully I'll hear more about these soon!

Lastly, I'm planning an awesome dinner for Tyler's return home on Friday, since I missed celebrating his birthday with him today. I will be making homemade French bread with homemade honey butter, herb-crusted steaks, roast potatoes, and a peanut butter chocolate mousse pie. I hope he loves it!

Lastly, two of my mother's co-workers now believe that I somewhat resemble Bella Cullen. I find this highly amusing and very flattering. In fact, I'm almost giddy about it. And I truly don't care if that makes me a freak. Or a geek. Because I already knew I was all of those things.

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Meredith said...

Your dinner sounds amazing! And I'm totally jealous of the wonderful work-from-home opportunities!