Feel Your Boobies

I just wanted to remind everyone (well, mostly the ladies, but the men, too!) to do a monthly breast self-exam to screen for possible lumps. My massage client this morning is a breast cancer patient currently undergoing radiation (she just finished chemo this week), and although I didn't talk with her much about her condition at all, it still served as a real-life reminder that cancer can strike anytime, any person. Visit the link below for a refresher course (or to learn for the first time!) on how to perform a breast self-exam. And please remind the women you know and love to do the same, each month!

How to perform a breast self-exam

How to perform a self-exam


leigh hurst, FYB Founder said...

Check out www.feelyourboobies.com learn more :-) Leigh Hurst, Founder/Feel Your Boobies & young breast cancer survivor (b/c i felt my boobies!)

Meredith said...

This is a great reminder! Contrary to what a lot of people I know think, women our age are NOT too young to have experiences with breast cancer! When I was 19, I had a golf-ball sized lump removed from my breast, which luckily turned out to be benign...but I had a HECK of a time getting medical personnel to take me seriously!