Welcome to our new home!

Yes, I finally took the time to take some pictures to show you people. ;-) I've included captions and a list of things to add/change in each room/area for your reading pleasure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask (aside from name, social security number, street address, etc. of course!!)

Front of the House (we are going to add flower beds under the windows at some point, and probably paint the mailbox post, but that's about it out front!)

Welcome! (Thanks to Jessica for the signage!)

View from the front door (We have one more picture to hang, but this is it!)

View from the couch

Close-up of the “mantle”

The office from the doorway (the paint color is closer to the turquoise box on the top shelf than how it appears in the picture)

Bookshelf in the office

Eat-in area (obviously need to clear it off, and add a tablecloth (probably plain white))

Kitchen (have some decorative plaques to hang, and a secret project for above the cabinets, plus adding baskets to hold the crap on the "island")

Guest bath (adding a hotel-style towel/toiletry rack above the existing towel rack or over the toilet, and possibly some artwork)

Guest room (refinish dresser and bookshelf, buy a queen bed and DIY a headboard, create photo collage on bookshelf. Bedding is already purchased - Nautica spread and shams, CK sheets, all from HomeGoods)

Master Bathroom (adding a hotel-style towel/toiletry rack above the toilet)

Master Bedroom from the door

View from the bed (Just need to hang a print and our mirror!)

Disaster that is the back yard (finish roofing/painting shed, putting in a fence, tilling and seeding for grass, adding a veggie garden next summer)


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Meredith said...

How exciting! I'm impressed with how moved-in you guys are already!

Is it a 2bed/2bath or a 3bed/2bath?

magdalina said...

I love it!

biomaj5 said...

Beautiful! I absolutely love it.

Elaine said...

Your house is wonderful!

MonkeyMama said...

Congrats on the house! It looks great.

Bexie said...

I'm way late on this, but your house looks great! You're more moved in than we are and we've lived there over a year. I love that green table in the kitchen!

Jennifer said...

Can you tell us where you got your awesome "island" table in the kitchen. That is perfect and if I can find one would work perfectly for us!