2 for one!

That's right, you get two posts today!! I just wanted to let everyone (Who is everyone, by the way? Leave a comment if you follow or read this blog!) know that I've got a new look on the blog here. And that I intend to update it more frequently than once a month from now on. I know I've said that many times before, but I'm going to really make a concerted effort this time around. Things are crazy busy, but I want to have a record of what's going on to look back at (hence the Project 365 mentioned in my previous post).

I'd like to hear from my readers - what sorts of things would you like to see on the blog? More pictures? Recipes? Anything? Leave a comment and let me know!!

As an incentive, if I get at least 2 comments, I will post an adorable picture or two ASAP. :)


biomaj5 said...

Do the comments have to be from 2 separate people? lol

Jessica said...


hope you are having a good week. cant wait to see the dresser

DragonSpice said...

For the project 365 thing, is it a general picture, or a picture of you everyday?

Mrs. Irons said...

I love blogs with pictures :)

Bexie said...

This makes 5. Where's the picture?!

*chants* picture!picture!picture!