Already behind!

I forgot to take a picture yesterday! I'll make up for it today by showing you a picture of the thing that got me most excited yesterday, mmkay?

Larabars were on sale 10 for $10 when we went shopping at Kroger yesterday! Here is my haul:

And today? I spent the morning making scrambled eggs with cheddar, fresh Hatch green chile, and green onions. Then I made yellow curry to take for lunches this week. After that was done, I cleaned the kitchen. As I washed, I set each item aside to dry. When I was going back through and drying everything, I found this under one of the dishes:

Yep, it was under the pizza pan. I thought it looked cool, apparently I'm easily amused in the mornings!

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DragonSpice said...

I think it looks cool too :)