Sorry I've been neglecting the blog a bit! I have 2 weeks worth of pics to post. I'd better get crackin'...

Sept. 2 - some awesome storm clouds rolled in!

Sept. 3 - we flew to Roswell, NM. This is the sign outside the airport.

Sept. 4 - we celebrated Grandma Mahaffey's 80th birthday

Sept. 5 - we spent some time in the park taking family pictures

Sept. 6 - Tyler and I hung new shelves in the living room

Sept. 7 - missed

Sept. 8 - sunset through the house they're building behind ours

Sept. 9 - missed

Sept. 10 - missed (my mom was in town for all of the 'missed' dates)

Sept. 11 - Former UNT footballer Johnny Quinn, with Honest John and a painting by Honest John

Sept. 12 - flowers!

Sept. 13 - Lucy wears my running shirt.

Sept. 14 - Massage Envy's Massage for the Cure (and a picture of my new haircut, I'll get a better picture soon though!)

Sept. 15 - me and the puppehs

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biomaj5 said...

I love your pics! ;)