A pictureful post!

I know that I'm way behind, but I think I'm only missing a picture for one day! Here's a mega-post of pictures, ending with Monday's picture. Yesterday's gets it's own post, for a reason to be revealed in that post. ;)

(8/24) - I got off work 2 hours early for my 'weekend', and the temp was finally below 100*!

(8/25) Enjoying my day off, after a massage and lunch with Tyler. A HOT cinnamon chai and Little Women on my Nook.

(8/26) A very flattering shot of me after Thursday night training. shoveling soybeans into my mouth.

(8/27) We really know how to party: in bed at 9:45 on Friday night.

(8/28) Ahh, Saturday morning training. :)

(8/30) So much for our workout, this means a double on Tuesday!

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