It's been awhile, once again! I am really bad about updating this thing, sorry everyone!

I started a new job 2.5 weeks ago, and it is keeping me really busy. I don't really have the time to do all the stuff around the house that I am used to, and that is really bumming me out. I realize now how lucky I was to be able to stay home. I keep trying to tell myself that this job is only for 5 months, and then I'll be free again, but 5 months is a LONG time when your job is fairly repetitive and your productivity at that job is completely reliant on other people answering their phone or email and/or returning your voicemails. It's pretty hard to hire someone when no one will call you back. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that all the money I make will be going toward a downpayment for our first house, which we will hopefully be purchasing this summer.

Other than work, not a whole lot has been going on lately. Tyler and I ran our first 5K this past Saturday, which was really cool. I even finished under my goal of 45 minutes (by about 1 minute). I was ecstatic! After I crossed the finish I searched for Tyler for at least half an hour, both around the finish line and back where we checked in. I was on the verge of having a meltdown and crying in the midst of 17,000 people when I finally spotted him passing through a crowd. I was so relieved to find him. Next race, we will definitely designate a meeting place for post-race. We're hoping to run another race before this summer, and to make this a pretty regular thing. I never thought I'd become a runner, but here I am! :-)

We're still trying for kid #1, this is our 6th month. Everything seems to be in working order for me so far, so we'll just keep on keepin' on until something happens. Prayers for this are always appreciated. Since I am part of an online community of other women in the same boat as me, I try to pray every day for women who are trying to get pregnant, who are pregnant, etc. because I know how stressful this journey can be. I have faith that God will carry us through this.

Lastly, I am feeling so blessed in my life right now. Tyler and I are both lucky to have jobs that support our lifestyle and allow us to save. We are both healthy. We are blessed with wonderful relationships, with each other, our families, and our friends. God has provided us with a church home that richly blesses our lives as well as the lives of thousands of people. We couldn't really ask for anything more in life.

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LucyAnnie said...

Best of luck to you Gnome (yes I typed that out without being freaked out about the scary men in moms yard). :)