I really need some motivation to update this blog more frequently!! For now I'll settle on an update on our life.

We're about 17 days out from closing on our first home, and I'm starting to get antsy! Our loan just went to underwriting on Thursday, so hopefully we will come through that all right. If that comes back OK, we should be able to set a closing date, because the appraisal and inspection have been done, and the survey has been ordered. We started packing yesterday (the most loathsome part of moving, IMO!), but we still have a looooong way to go. :-/

School is moving right along. I passed my midterms with flying colors (yay!), and I'm only 1 week away from my anatomy and physiology final. I have like a 98 average in that class right now, so I'm not worried, but I do need to start studying, since it is a cumulative final and we have covered a LOT of territory in just 8 weeks. I'm also really enjoying my Swedish massage class (who doesn't love getting a massage 3 times a week?!), and I'm really starting to feel like a massage therapist.

I've also started seeing a chiropractic intern at my school (I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but my massage program is located at a chiropractic college), which has been really cool. I got the most thorough physical of my life, with lots of nerve tests and range of motion tests, and now I'm receiving regular Upper Cervical adjustments (where they adjust the position of the 1st vertebra under your skull) and doing lots of strengthening exercises for my right hip, which is significantly weaker than my left, causing me pain and instability on occasion.

This week my mom and sister moved to their new locations. My mom to Las Vegas, and my sister to Los Angeles. My sister attended orientation for her school program yesterday (at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), and my mom will be starting her new job at the Cleveland Clinic's Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health soon. We also learned last week that Tyler's father has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, which appears to be stage III or IV. He is also having a biopsy on his spine this week to determine if a mass there is cancerous, and the results of that test will be the deciding factor between surgery and hormone therapy. Please be praying for our family, and especially Gary as we go through this difficult time. We are trusting that God has a plan bigger than we can imagine.

And for something a bit lighter, I'd like to follow in the footsteps of many of my fellow bloggers and open the floor to questions from the audience! I'm not sure how many people read this blog anymore, but I'd love to get to know my readers and let you all know more about myself! I try to be an open book on this blog, so I'd like to open myself a bit wider to you all. So, leave a comment introducing yourself (if I don't know you, or if you don't think I do) and ask me a question! I'll try my hardest to answer them all. :-)

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biomaj5 said...

Hi, my name is Laura. I can't think of any questions right now....oohh! I have one. What is your favorite breed of dog? (We're watching animal planet right now). Oh, and how's the knitting? lol ;)