I'm way behind on blogging! Let's see what's happened since the last time...

We switched races with Team in Training. We'll now be running the Heels and Hills half marathon, which is a local race. The fund raising for Seattle was just too much for us at this point, so we made the switch to save a lot of stress.

We also ran our first half marathon 1.5 weeks ago! We crossed the finish line together in 3:20:45, and we could still walk the next day! Our goal for the next race (Heels and Hills, May 2) is 3:00. Fingers crossed that we can make it!

Our veggies and herbs have started to sprout, and I'm so excited each day to see what a little sun and water can do to the plants! This weekend we have lots of plans to get started working on building the raised bed to put them in, plus lots of other little house and yard projects. We have a daunting list for this season that I'm hoping we can accomplish. :)

We're still trying to get pregnant, so far to no avail. We're on our 8th consecutive cycle as of today, and our 13th cycle overall. We're praying to God every day that we will be blessed with a little one of our own. I'm trying to remain hopeful, but it is hard, especially when you hear so much about pregnancy and infant loss and infertility. It is truly a miracle whenever a baby is born healthy!

Other than that, not much is going on. Work is still going really well, and I love getting to know our patients and my co-workers. Tyler and I are also having so much fun watching Lucy as she learns our routines, how to interact with other people and dogs, and just watching how much fun she and Pongo have together.

We also just got back from a long weekend in New Mexico with my in laws. We got to go inner tubing (on the snow, not in the water), and spent lots of time talking and playing with our niece, who is so precious and funny. It was great to get to see the family and just spend some time together.

More updates (hopefully with pictures!) to come soon, I promise!

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