Productive weekend!

This weekend Tyler and I got a ton of stuff accomplished around the house! He stayed home on Friday due to being up all night nauseated, but was feeling much better when he finally woke up around 10AM, so that added quite a bit of time for us to get stuff done. Here's the list of what we accomplished, followed by a list of things we still need to get done in the next few weeks:

-dusted and vacuumed the house
-cleaned both bathrooms
-did laundry
-recycled old magazines (2 armfuls!)
-sold textbooks online
-went through my clothes and collected 2 garbage bags to be donated
-scalped the front lawn
-built a raised garden bed for our veggie garden
-went to the bank
-got my oil changed
-cleaned the kitchen

We still need to do quite a few things:
-take boxes from guest room and put in attic
-purchase bed for guest room
-refinish dresser and bookcase for guest room
-buy new bedding for master bedroom
-take Christmas lights off the house (I know, we're TERRIBLE! I'm a little ashamed, and very thankful we don't have an HOA)
-edge the front and backyard
-spray weeds in front yard
-kill off grass and weeds in backyard
-fill raised bed with soil and transplant seedlings
-cut flower beds into front yard and plant flowers
-put down new mulch around trees

Those are all of the major things I can remember right now. It's truly a never-ending list of items once you become a homeowner (even if you buy a brand-new, never-before-lived-in house like we did!). Wish us luck as we continue in our weekend warrior endeavors. :) I will post pictures of our outdoor progress soon!

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DragonSpice said...

Sounds like a very full and productive weekend :D Good job! Good luck with future weekend productiveness lol :)