So, the last two days have brought some exciting news to our family! Yesterday T found out he'll be able to start telecommuting in the very near future. His office was doing a pilot for this program for the past year or so, and they are ready to start making it an option for more employees. So, we will be getting a phone line installed at the house on Friday (plus switching providers for internet and adding basic cable, because the bundle is cheaper than just internet and phone). The plan is for him to start working from home 2 days a week, and may increase to 3 days shortly thereafter.

And today my boss (Dr. Jobe) asked if I would like to start working full time! That is 32 hours a week at our office (as the schedule currently stands, it may be changing in the near-ish future). I told him I'd absolutely be willing to do so, so I will start that schedule next week. My hours will be: MTTh: 7:45-11:30(ish) and 2:45-6:30(ish), W: 2:45-6:30(ish) and F: 745-11:30(ish). I'm excited about the extra cash flow we'll be getting due to this situation, which will mostly be going toward savings for a car and any future baby expenses, but will hopefully allow us a little extra 'fun' money, too.

And lastly, a few pictures of our new planter box, the veggie seedlings, and my latest knitting project:

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biomaj5 said...

Yay for working from home! And super yay for you having cable by the time I get there lol. :) The sock is right purdy.