Flower garden!

This weekend's main project has been completing our flower garden in the front of the house. We started by digging out the grass where we wanted the garden to go, and added plastic edging to keep the shape. Then we filled in what we removed with flower and vegetable topsoil. We did all of this on Saturday. Today we decided to go pick out our plants and get them in the ground. We ended up with 2 yew bushes, 3 Chattahoochee phlox, a bunch of french marigolds, impatiens, and dwarf oyster plants, as well as 1 coral bell. I'm a bit worried that the marigolds won't get enough sun, since our garden faces north, but we will see how they do.
Here is a photo of what the yard/front of house looked like last summer:

And here is a picture of the new improved garden area!
I will have to take a picture soon when the sun is on the garden so you can see more details. :)


biomaj5 said...

I love it! I see you in the window! lol

DragonSpice said...

That looks fantastic! I love it :)

Elaine said...


5star said...
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Heather Ryan said...

Very cute!!! I love it!!!