The Husband makes his blog debut!

Hey there, all my faithful readers! Recently Tyler (aka The Husband) sent me an email after he got to work one morning. This is not unusual by any means, but this was slightly different than the typical 'hope you have a great day, I have XYZ meeting this morning, etc. etc.' emails I usually get. (Don't get me wrong, I love the emails he normally sends me, I just needed to mention that this was something else altogether.) He said that he had a blog-worthy experience on his drive to work that morning, but since he didn't have a blog, he would just share it with me.

I am always looking for new ways to freshen up the blog and bring you stories or information that are important or meaningful to me, so I asked Tyler if I could share his experience with you. I hope you find as much encouragement from it as I did.

"I was driving to work this morning, and I needed to have a talk with God. Recent events have left me feeling a little vulnerable, so I needed His help. We were talking, and He was just listening and letting me say everything I was going thru. I’ve had discussions where he wants me to listen, but there was nothing to listen to today. But He wasn’t exactly being silent.

I looked up to see the sun start to rise thru the clouds in the midst of morning rain. What I saw was a vision no painter could duplicate. There were gray clouds as far as I could see... everywhere except for one line running across the sky from left to right. It was like a giant cleft in the clouds. You could look as far left and as far right as the air would let you see, and it didn’t seem to budge an inch. The sun was behind the clouds, but this cleft opened up as the only source of sunlight in the sky. The rays of light shot in every direction, both shadowed and reflected by clouds in a color that didn’t even seem natural. Just when I thought the scene couldn’t be any more majestic, the sun broke thru the clouds in a brilliant light that amplified the good of around me. I could hardly keep my eyes off the scene that seemed to personify the power of the God who was listening to my story this morning. I felt touched, lifted, soothed, and overpowered all at once.

Now that He had my attention, he started to speak. Not thru quiet thoughts like I’m used to, but He spoke in a way that I haven’t heard in years. I had my radio turned on, and song after song spoke to me in a very personal way. They were all songs I’ve heard dozens of times. Songs that have caused me to meditate on the meaning. But this time, there was no question of the message of these songs. One was a song that brought me back to running during sunrise and showed me the experience of being in nature, away from the negative influences of the sleeping world around me, and feeling close to Him without having to even think about Him. Another seemed to speak for me, detailing how much I need His intervention in my life. It caused me to reflect on how little control I have and how necessary His hand is in each and every decision I make. Thinking back, I don’t even remember every song, but remembering them wasn’t the point. The songs gave me a message that is more powerful than any I have heard in a very long time.

As I drove to work this morning, thanks to the “words” of my God, I had no doubt of the power, the providence, and the majesty of the God I serve. And my prayer as I sit here today is that I won’t forget it anytime soon."


allie said...

That's a great experience Tyler!! Thanks for sharing Katie! That's amazing. I love it when God talks to us and when we can slow down long enough to take the time to listen to what He is saying to us. He's amazing :)

DragonSpice said...

That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it :)